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  • Fat Banana Automatic
    Fat Banana Automatic

    Fat Banana Automatic is a perfect strain for indica lovers seeking...

    9,00 €
  • Sweet ZZ Automatic
    Sweet ZZ Automatic

    Ever heard of an autoflowering strain with a THC content of 18%? Neither...

    9,50 €
  • Haze Berry Automatic
    Haze Berry Automatic

    Haze Berry Automatic produces a caffeine-like buzz that's easy to...

    8,50 €
  • Kerosene Krash
    Kerosene Krash

    We were so impressed with some of the individuals in our collection of...

    50,00 €
  • Sugar Bomb Punch
    Sugar Bomb Punch

    Everybody loves to see glistening trichomes on their ladies. Some...

    70,00 €
  • Cookies Gelato
    Cookies Gelato

    Cookies Gelato is the lovechild of two legendary cannabis strains. She...

    12,50 €
  • Rainbow Road
    Rainbow Road

    Fairy Tale Ending... Rainbow Road is an epic sativa dominant hybrid...

    32,00 €
  • El Dorado OG
    El Dorado OG

    Trichome Bomb... El Dorado OG is a full bodied indica which stands out...

    26,00 €
2 + 1 Autoflower
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