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OG Kush is probably one of the most famous cannabis strains of all time. She originated in Northern California and has since ascended to legendary status. OG Kush features a unique aroma and very powerful effects, making her a fast and firm favourite among many smokers, breeders, and growers. Get the seeds to OGK in large quantities here, so you can grow them whenever you want.

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Breeder/Brand Royal Queen Seeds
THC Content 19%
CBD Content 1-5%
Genetics ChemDawg x Pakistani Kush x Lemon Thai
Variety Mostly Indica
Sex Feminised
Flowering Type Photoperiod
Grows Indoors | Outdoors
Effect Cerebral, Euphoric, Physical, Powerful, Relaxing, Uplifting
Taste / Flavour Citrus, Diesel, Fuel
Plant height Indoors:90 - 160 cm; Outdoors: 180 - 220 cm.
Flowering Time 8 Weeks
Yield Indoor: 450 - 475 gr/m2; Outdoors: 500 - 525 gr/plant
Medical Conditions Depression, Insomnia, Pain, Stress
Medicinal Properties Yes

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Although the exact origins of OG Kush remain a mystery, we can confirm that this Californian bud is a very special treat. Her iconic mix of award-winning characteristics has propelled her into cannabis renown, and she has formed the foundation for countless modern hybrids. What was once the best-kept secret of North Califonia is now enjoyed all over the world. OG Kush derives from a mix of Chemdawg, Lemon Thai, and Pakistani Kush, resulting in 75% indica and 25% sativa genetics.

Let's get into perhaps the most significant features of OG Kush—aroma and effect. Upon smoking this strain for the first time, chances are you'll find it hard to toke on sub-par weed ever again. Yes, it's that flavourful! A perfect marriage of earthy, fruity, citrusy, diesel, and pine notes will coat the tongue and linger on the taste buds.

The effect is somewhat of a surprise, but a pleasant one at that. Despite being heavily indica-dominant, the high more resembles that of a sativa, delivering a mighty cerebral rush of creative energy. But, of course, it also has a strong physical side to it, leaving you relaxed and balanced. Just perfect!

You can find varying opinions on the growing difficulty of the original OG Kush. But our version rewards the dedicated grower with 425–475g/m² after just 7–9 weeks of flowering indoors. In this setting, OG Kush reaches a manageable height of 90–160cm.

Outdoors, on the other hand, this plant bursts into a majestic specimen of 180–220cm and produces up to 500–550g/plant. Under natural sunlight, she will be ready to harvest in October.

The buds of this cannabis gem are large and dense, frosted to the max with glistening trichomes and displaying beautiful, bright, lime green hues.

So, if you love OG Kush as much as we do, and can't get enough of her, we recommend you buy OG Kush seeds in bulk right here at Royal Queen Seeds!

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