* For every 50€ you spend with us we will give you 2 free Omar Sharif regular seeds.

* For orders above 70€ we will give you 3 FREE seeds of Omar Sharif regular seeds.

Why is it exclusive? 2 reasons to get excited!

1) These seeds are not for sale - only available as part of this promo. 
2) Omar Sharif is a pure Afghani landrace strain in regular seed form - a potent high yield original!

More about - Omar Sharif:

Omar Sharif is a smooth and sensual indica strain that will pick you up and float you mountain high with its pure Afghan heritage and big yield reputation. It is the first regular seed to be released from the Paradise Seeds vault for some time and an original landrace variety.

In the mix for many of Paradise Seeds' finest indica varieties, we have decided to release this strain in its original form for the enjoyment of all. Its exotic nature makes it a must for the committed indica connoisseur.

For the indoor setup, this is not a beginner's strain. It's an original, without the enhanced qualities of added genetics and to get the most out of Omar Sharif this plant needs to be worked. It needs nurturing with nutrients from an early stage and to tap into its big yield potential you will need powerful lights to substitute for the sun. However treat it right and it will reward generously!

Outdoors, in a sunny climate, this plant will excel. In its home environment it is not uncommon to reach heights of up to 4 metres and under a hot sun the yield potential is huge. While not an ideal climate in more northern, cooler, regions one big positive is its natural in-built mold resistance.

Omar Sharif is an old school strain in every sense of the word... It grows fast and produces extremely oily, evenly spaced out buds. Its Afghan heritage is plain to see in its unique pointed leaves and color change as it approaches flowering (turning purple/black). The smell is an enchanting combination of earthy tones and a pine freshness and the flavor is reassuringly earthy and spicy.

The effect kicks in with a potency that is both uplifting in the high it delivers but also tremendously relaxing, which reflects the presence of high levels of CBD and this makes it a great choice for medical cannabis users too . A regal indica that delivers a highly enjoyable user experience all round.

We can’t wait to share this jewel from the Paradise Seeds vault with you!!!!