We are launching Spring with a promo heavyweight bout featuring 4 Paradise Seeds A-Team strains!  In the blue corner two heavyweight sativa strains: Dutch Dragon and Atomical Haze. In the red corner two legendary Indica strains: Sensi Star and Dutch Kush.

Who wins? You decide! 

1+1 on each strain:
Buy 3 seeds and get another 3 seeds (same strain) FREE!
Buy 5 seeds and get another 5 seeds (same strain) FREE!
Buy 10 seeds and get another 10 seeds (same strain) FREE!

Dutch Dragon (Sativa) vs Dutch Kush (Indica)

This clash of the Netherlands titans features:
Dutch Dragon – The original fiery but irie Sativa, this beast descends from a line of Swaziland sativa champions. It brings big yields, sweet taste and bags of energy!
Dutch Kush – The Lowland Classic is a combination of mighty Kush with added Paradise special powers! A sweet (& coffee/caramel) tasting Indica with a knockout punch!  

Sensi Star (Indica) vs Atomical Haze (Sativa)

This is a battle of real strength between two worthy champions:
Sensi Star– The original Paradise Seeds Indica champion with an incredible 15 cannabis awards to its name (including High Times Plant of the Year). Say no more!
Atomical Haze – The connoisseur’s choice. Haze, Indian and Afghani genetics have created a hazy sweet and sour big yielder and a worthy Sativa challenger!