Gorilla Feminised Seeds

Description Gorilla is a 60% indica hybrid strain that is derived from the US Chem line. Its parentage is Chocolate Diesel, Chem Sister and Sour Dubb

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Техническо описание

Breeder/Brand Dinafem Seeds
Awards Los Angeles Cannabis Cup| 2014| 1st. Prize Best Hybrid; High Times Jamaican World Cup Winner| 2014;
THC съдържание 25%
CBD съдържание 0.1%
Генетика Chocolate Diesel x Chem Sister x Sour Dubb
Разнообразие Mostly Indica
Пол Feminised
Тип на цъфтежа Photoperiod
Растеж Indoors| Outdoors
Месец за реколта Mid-October
Ефект Body| Physical| Powerful| Relaxing
Вкус / Мирис Diesel| Earthy| Fuel| Sour
Височина на растението up to 300 cm. outdoors
Време за цъфтеж 58 - 63 days
Добив Indoors: 500 gr/m2; Outdoors: up to 1000 gr/plant
AKA Gorilla Glue

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Description Gorilla is a 60% indica hybrid strain that is derived from the US Chem line. Its parentage is Chocolate Diesel, Chem Sister and Sour Dubb. It was serendipitous that a Sour Dubb was fertilised by a Chem Sister male purely by chance. Trichome production is huge and THC levels off the scale, so much so that it has won awards in the indica category under its other name of Gorilla Glue #4! Gorilla is a medium to large plant with internodes spaced at a medium distance. It has quite light green leaves and thick, phatt buds which can appear white such is the thick covering of resin crystals. This strain has bag appeal in abundance. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation| indoors it will need 58 - 63 days to finish flowering with impressive yields of approximately 500 gr/m2. Its height indoors will be largely governed by the length of vegetative growth it undergoes. Outdoors in regions that alow for a mid-October northern hemisphere harvest and planted into the ground these plants can attain a height of 300 cm! Yields are as impressive as those indoors, if not more so, with as much as 1000 gr/plant possible. In both environments it is not a hard plant to care for as long as two points are kept in mind: first, it is not particularly resistant to either too much or too little water therefore moderate watering is recommended with a close eye kept on the grow-medium of rmoisture content. Secondly it also prefers moderate nutrient supplies, neither too much nor too little. It also responds well to the pruning of lower branches in order to concentrate energy on the development of bigger flowering clusters. Number one for bag appeal this strain has a tremendously powerful smell with intense sour fuel/diesel along with pungent earthy notes. It is a profound terpene factory and will therefore make great concentrates and extracts. It has a THC:CBD ratio of 250:1! Yes that's correct, 25% THC compared with 0.1% CBD. The effect is exceptionally devastating and should be tried by those with experience of cannabis this potent. Its effect is pure indica in spite of its 40% sativa genetics.

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